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You see problems as opportunities and love the satisfaction of solving interesting problems and making a real difference. You’ve come to the right place. 

Join the prestigious Why Stuff Sucks® Digital Provider Network today to get exclusive access to our select client list and join us in fixing things that suck. And getting paid well to do so.

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Why Stuff Sucks® founder Miles Anthony Smith has spent the last couple decades perfecting transformational leadership and consulting services, and building a clientele list that’s uniquely positioned to share with you. He’s opened the doors to new opportunities, and if you’ve got the skills and know-how, you can reap the benefits as a preferred provider.

  • Coach – Develop the solution strategy for clients
  • Consultant – Execute and implement the solution strategy identified for clients
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How To Become a
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Tell us about yourself and your experience, especially in our four primary capability areas:

  • Leadership & Team Development – implement change management and improve leadership outcomes.
  • Talent Sourcing, Selection, & Development – consult individuals and teams to unlock their full individual and organizational human resource potential.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales (External) – help organizations maximize the power of digital marketing in reaching qualified prospects and customers.
  • Digital Technology Processes (Internal) – help clients introduce business process automation, IoT, and Industry 4.0 best practices.

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It’s that simple. Once we know what you can do, we’ll give you paid opportunities to do it. We’ll contact you to help us write a winning proposal and then execute on it.

Benefits of Joining the Why Stuff Sucks®
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There’s no need to scramble for projects from an eclectic clientele that may not always play to your strengths. When you become a preferred provider with Why Stuff Sucks®:

We’ll find projects that match your capabilities

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You focus on what you do best

Always in your wheelhouse

You set your rates and scope of the engagement

You’re fully in control

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