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You’ve put in the hard work and developed the digital expertise that other organizations long for. But it can be tough to find clients who both need your wisdom and are eager and willing to put it into practice for a greater purpose. At least it used to be.

Become an world-class Why Stuff Sucks® Transformation Coach today to gain exclusive access to clients in need of your coaching, influence, and strategy recommendations. With the financial reward and brand lift you seek.

Pick the Option That’s Best For You

Why Stuff Sucks® founder Miles Anthony Smith coaches, consults with and delivers keynote speeches for leading businesses and conferences, and he needs transformation coaches like you to develop solution strategies and deliver results for a growing clientele through Why Stuff Sucks®.

  • Coach – Develop the solution strategy for clients
  • Consultant – Execute and implement the solution strategy identified for clients

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Our Standard of Excellence,
Your Opportunity

Set up a coaching profile

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training and mentorship in the WSS process

Evaluate opportunities

you decide where your coaching leadership is best applied

Get paid directly by Why Stuff Sucks®

then look forward to your next change agent opportunity

How To Become
a Transformation Coach
With Us


Tell us about your credentials as an inspirational leader, subject matter expert and/or conference speaker, specifically in the Why Stuff Sucks® areas of expertise:

  • Leadership & Team Development – implement change management and improve leadership outcomes.
  • Talent Sourcing, Selection, & Development – consult individuals and teams to unlock their full individual and organizational human resource potential.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales (External) – help organizations maximize the power of digital marketing in reaching qualified prospects and customers.
  • Digital Technology Processes (Internal) – help clients introduce business process automation, IoT, and Industry 4.0 best practices.

Get opportunities

That’s it! Once we know where you’re best, we’ll review your experience to see if you match applicable opportunities to apply your coaching and solution strategy leadership.

4 Benefits of Becoming
a Why Stuff Sucks® Coach

Rather than searching all over for digital transformation coaching clients, let the clients come to you, already pre-vetted for quality. When you become a Transformation Coach with Why Stuff Sucks®:

Maintain your own consulting business

keep and build your brand reputation

Use your gifts to the fullest potential

amplify the rewards of your hard work by investing in others

Solid methodology

your strengths + a proven model = maximum impact

Projects offered directly to you

specifically vetted for you and your expertise

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